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Quanta GreenStar   High Bay

Q Technology introduces the new Low and High Bay Area lighting system that incorporates advanced thermal protection for use in all ambient environments. This product comes complete with rich color spectrums and the most robust dependable and efficient power supply on the market. Power is integrated into the fixture housing for easy installation and rock solid performance even in the most hostile conditions.


Quanta GreenStar™  High Bay
Features :
  • Slim and simple design

  • Wide beam angle

  • Broad range of applications

  • Lightweight

  • Average Lifespan of 60,000 hrs.

  • Replacement for HID 450w

  • Eliminate maintenance

  • Useful at heights 17ft and higher based on application and need

Quanta GreenStar  Low Bay
Features :
  • Illuminate small spaces with fewer fixtures

  • Unlimited applications

  • Minimum starting temperature -40°F

  • Maximum starting temperature 120°F

  • Useful at heights 15ft and lower based on application and need

  • Illuminate large areas without a hot spot

  • No gaps in the spectrum

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